The Death of American Manufacturing


Whenever there is an election in this country, many Americans look at a politician and make their choices by how "sincere" he sounds, how "kind" he looks, and how "honest" he appears to be. But politics are not "Beauty Contests", they are a chance for us to find the person with the right ideas, and ideals, to steer our country in a direction that will allow for all of us to provide for ourselves, and our families, in a comfortable manner, through the possibilities for good jobs, the opportunities to buy decent homes, and the comfort of a safe life, through hard work and good educations. But we have seen our country decay over the past 16 years, and those options are growing thinner and thinner, and it is because we, the people of this country, are not examining the truth behind the elections, and the candidates we wish to vote for.

Many of us remember an America in which almost every family had two cars, a home, a boat, some toys, vacations, and other enjoyments in life that made living not only comfortable, but easy. Jobs were plentiful, and there were many options for everyone, with pay that was much more than the cost of living that time. Every American had security in their retirement, whether through Social Security, or their own, private, retirement fund. A large majority of the goods sold in this country were "American Made", and there was a great pride in the durability and quality of those goods purchased in American stores. America was a strong, reliable provider for the people of its own land, and for many of those who lived outside of our borders. We were a proud people, a strong people, and we had security in our futures, and the futures of our children. But that has changed, and it is directly the responsibility of our leaders, who have turned from working for the country, and its people, to providing for their own incomes, through kickbacks and payoffs, for their own fame and egos, and for the betterment of businesses and businessmen who look only to their own wealth, not the security of our country. We have opened doors for the Chinese and the Arabs to come in and buy off our country, one home at a time, one business interest at a time, until they now own a controlling interest in the everyday business and security of our nation! And, to keep us believing that we are safe and secure, our politicians lie to us and tell us that they are protecting us, and will take care of our problems and worries. So we have gone from researching our candidates, to electing them on promises that we know they will never keep.

Currently, they are promising that they will provide for the needs of this country through higher taxes, with which they intend to pay for many large, high-cost public programs that are supposed to improve our living standard. This is a Socialist idea that relies on Big Business to pay for everything through higher taxes. It sounds great, in a socialistic society, but it never fails to fall apart, because a people that relies on the government to pay for everything learns to sit back and give the government control over their daily lives, instead of working to improve them. Every Socialistic country, from Russia, to Cuba, has fallen apart through it's inability to move the people to work to improve their own lives. Even France is going through difficulties, because it's people will not take responsibility for their own lives, and refuse to make more than a minor effort to support themselves. And, since the early '70s, the strengths of this country have been eroding, because the government has been taking more and more control over our lives, making us try to be a "Politically Correct" people, not a self-sustaining people. We worry more about how we are going to say something, trying to phrase everything in a perfectly correct manner, than we do in making an effort to ensure that we have representatives in our government that will stop worrying about making the world happy, and start making sure that we regain our manufacturing base, our high educational level, and good jobs for our people.

Here is one situation that is destroying our nation, and we don't even see it happening, because we are worried about government programs, instead of national strength:

Obama and Clinton are promising to raise taxes to provide for national health programs, national education programs, and for welfare, which sound like good ideas, but they won't work. Why? Good question; because, in the mid-eighties, Reagan worked to remove limits on businesses that wanted to expand outside of the United States. At the time, it seemed like a good idea, because a wider business base means more profits. Then the Socialistic interests in this country, in the '90s, began legislation that caused taxes to be raised on businesses, to the point that making a profit became a very hard thing to do, when competing against major corporations from other countries. So they began to move their factories outside of the US where manufacturing costs and taxes were low, and profits were high. The first moves were made to Mexico, and we began to see our manufacturing base bleed off, and jobs were lost to people who had no concerns as to our country and its people. Then the opportunistic Chinese Government used the Clintons to open their doors to our manufacturers, with promises of low-cost factories, cheap labor, and full technological support on all of their products, and there was a mass evacuation to the land of cheap manufacturing costs. Once there, they built new factories, hired Chinese technical staff, trained them to build their goods, and shared our technology and advances with them. In the meantime we, the people of the United States, began to receive cheaply made products, which had no durability or quality, of any kind, which were manufactured with materials that were hazardous to the health of our children, and ourselves. And these same materials were banned by the Chinese government for use in any products sold within China! Then the Chinese began to build "copycat" factories that they could use to build their own copies of the products manufactured within the American-owned plants, and they sold them at cheaper prices, which forced many of the American manufacturers out of business within China. They stole much of our secret technologies and used them to build new advances in their own weapons and equipment that they use to spy on our government. And all of this began because the taxes within our country were raised to a level that made it difficult for our businesses to compete on a world market.

If we have another series of tax increases in our country, to a level that our remaining manufacturing base cannot afford to continue business within the US, it will move out, taking necessary jobs and technologies with it, which will cripple the economy of this country. I am not a complete fan of George Bush, but his tax cuts helped stimulate business interests within this country, and have helped to strengthen our economy. Whether you are liberal or conservative, if you study the current tax cut plans, you will see that they have worked. Ending them, and increasing taxes, will cause serious problems to our economy. And, if our leaders would stop pandering to every country that desires a share of our wealth, if we would stop supporting every little program that the UN passes, knowing that a majority share of the costs for those programs will be borne by the American tax payers, we would have a stronger national financial base to support our own country, and its citizens, and our taxes could be lowered to a responsible level. Add to that every "pork barrel" project and unnecessary government spending, and the American tax payer could keep a higher majority of his taxable income, and businesses could afford to begin to manufacture their goods in the US again, providing more higher paying jobs to the citizens of this country, rebuilding both our manufacturing base, and our economy, making the United States the strong, reliable nation it once was!

If we don't start forcing our elected officials to pay attention to the people of this country, if we don't start using our heads and learning about our leaders and their policies, we will head our country down the road to financial ruin, and destroy the safety factor for every single American. We need to protect our borders, build up our own resources, and end our reliance upon nations who care little about the US, other than as a "Shopping Center" for outside interests' wealth! Pay attention to who is running for office, learn all you can about them, and vote for the person who truly wants to stand up for us, the citizens of this country, and make our lives better. Stop voting for looks and promises; both will fail with time. Vote for sincerity and honesty, vote for past accomplishments, not promises, and vote for those who have the experience, not the "shadow" of experience, to run this country for the people, not foreign interests who pay for their influence. Vote to rebuild our manufacturing base, not to force it overseas, and to rebuild the pride that once made this country strong.

Michael J. Kilgus

Posted 02/24/2008

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